YES2 - CSSRC Youth Advisory Council

  • The YES2 provides feedback and recommendations to the Colorado School Safety Resource Center Advisory Board, Director and other partner agencies, about issues related to school safety and positive school climates. The collaborative work between members of the YES2 and the CSSRC is beneficial as a state group working on school safety issues, helping children learn how to work well on a diverse team, and learn how to critically think about and express ideas that are important to them.

Institutions of Higher Education Work Group

  • This group discusses issues concerning safety and security for colleges and universities in Colorado. All who have a mission relating to school safety in an institute of higher education are invited to attend.

  • For IHE updates, please contact Brad Stiles at 303.239.4321. Thank you!

School Mental Health Professionals Working Group

  • School Suicide Best Practices - this group meets periodically. Please call Chris Harms 303.239.4534 for more information

  • Threat Assessment Best Practices - this group also meets periodically. Please call Chris Harms 303.239.4534 for more information.