2022 Speakers’ Series on Cybersafety/Cyberbullying & Substance Abuse Prevention


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2022 Speakers' Series on CyberSafety

Event Details:

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center is excited to offer an informative learning opportunity. Cybersafety/Cyberbullying and trends in substance use are topics of intense interest to our school communities and parents. We hope to demystify some of the concerns with our Speakers' Series.

Confirmed National Speakers:

This speakers series will be virtual and will include the following presenters:

Presenter: Alex Rodriques, Psy.D.

Presentation Topic: Digital Birds & Bees: Talking Tech, Teens & Sex

Date/Time: Tuesday January 11, 2022 | 11:30am (MST)

Abstract: The presentation offers a helpful framework for understanding the intersection of technology, sexuality, and youth. For instance, attendees will learn about the potential risks and benefits that the Internet offers regarding sexual education. The presentation will provide information about key resources that can help frame the issue for adults. Attendees will be introduced to new terms and online trends like cyber-dating violence, sexploitation, doxing, revenge porn, and catfishing. Attendees will learn about emerging interventions designed to address these issues and help youth grow into responsible digital citizens. 

Presenter: Lynn Riemer, ACT on Drugs, Inc.

Presentation Topic: Trending Concerns with Youth and Substance Use

Date/Time: Tuesday January 18, 2022 | 11:30am (MST)

Abstract: The “glamorizing” of drugs is promoted all over the internet and in today’s music. The types of drugs out on the street continue to change and are easy to obtain. The majority of teens, college students, and young adults using drugs are not drug addicts: they are simply experimenting.  Whether experimentation starts with the “challenges” promoted online, vaping, trying pot or popping pills, a few bad decisions can lead down a path with many consequences. This session contains up to date information about vapes/vaping, the use of over the counter drugs to get high, the “fake” prescription drugs laced with fentanyl, and today's potent Marijuana and the “new” isomers of THC. 

Presenter: Sameer Hinduja, PhD.

Presentation Topic: School Climate 2.0: Fostering Positive Student Relationships Offline and Online

Date/Time: Tuesday January 25, 2022 | 11:30am (MST)

Abstract: It remains critical that educators and other youth professionals marshal the powers of peer influence and organizational culture to curtail peer conflict, harassment, and other problem behaviors that occur offline and online. However, many are unsure what to implement. Based on our latest research assessing the impact of authoritative school climate on a nationally-representative sample of US youth, we discuss practical school climate initiatives that are finding success across the nation and world. These not only can enhance student achievement, success, and connectedness, but produce students who are measurably more safe, smart, and responsible offline and online.

Date, Time & Links

  1. Date/Time: Tuesdays, January 11, 18 and 25, 2022 at 11:30 - 12:45 PM (MST)
  2. Location/Links: Due to COVID-19, these events will be held virtually. From the comfort of your own office, classroom, or home. Links will be provided to all registered attendees, as the event get closer.
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