2022 Positive School Discipline Symposium


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The word "discipline" comes from the Latin "discipulus" meaning "pupil." This reinforces the idea that discipline should be teaching someone how to behave differently. Many of our schools have adopted new methods for positively influencing students' behavior. On Wednesday, February 16th, the CSSRC will highlight a number of these methods.  Please join us for a schedule of five exciting plenary sessions that will explore positive school discipline. This presentation will be offered virtually. Although there is no-cost, you must register in advance!

Agenda (Draft): 2022 Positive School Discipline Symposium               


Confirmed National Speakers:

Presenter: Kim Bevill, Consultant

Presentation Topic: The Three Neurostrategies to Get Behavior Right the First Time

Date/Time: Wednesday February 16, 2022 | 8:15 am (MST)

Abstract: Our daily behaviors are a holy grail for all success: academic, social, and even financial. The truth is there are steps we can follow to be successful and drop those that are not. Learn strategies that fuel your brain and build the networks for success. They are not secrets - sleep, physical activity, and interaction basics allow us productivity at work, school, and in life. Behaviors we cannot take for granted impact mood, intelligence, health, even problem-solving. You will love the tips for creating habits that promote mood, relationships, and our personal best.

Presenter: Ashley Idrees, Ed.D. - CDE,

Presentation Topic: Using Data Effectively

Date/Time: Wednesday February 16, 2022 | 9:45 am (MST)


Data is vital in understanding and uncovering the “why” in our schools and districts across Colorado. That can lead to monumental changes, be they policy, practice, school culture, or new strategy implementation. Whether quantitatively or qualitatively collected, having a process in which one can review the data, and be able to make a true data-driven decision, will enable the growth of both the students in which the data is being collected upon and those directly interacting with the data at the school and district levels. In this presentation, we will review the multitudinous ways in which data can be collected, used, and uncover our “why” along the way.

Presenter: Kerri Quinn, M.S. - Colorado Restorative Justice

Presentation Topic: Creating a Trauma Informed, Trauma Responsive Restorative Community

Date/Time: Wednesday February 16, 2022 | 11:30 am (MST)

Abstract: Are you incurring more discipline incidents? Are your teachers and staff overwhelmed and feeling disconnected? Is your Restorative Justice program stalled or not as effective as it once was?

Most school restorative justice efforts fail or are not sustainable because either the restorative justice champion leaves, there was not enough consideration to the personal and organizational trauma that exists, or the focus was on implementing a program, not changing the culture. This session identifies the necessary steps to change a school culture, identify stumbling blocks, and suggest ways to be not only trauma informed but also trauma responsive to your school community.

Presenter: Nate Thompson & Ann Summers - Littleton Public Schools' Panel

Presentation Topic: Hard Conversations: Addressing Equity through the Unified Improvement Plan Process

Date/Time: Wednesday February 16, 2022 | 1:00 mm (MST)


Looking at data through the lens of equity and disproportionality can be paralyzing.  It takes courageous conversations to consider the possible root causes and create action steps for improvement.  In this workshop, we will share how LPS is using the Unified Improvement Process to have hard conversations as a district and at individual school sites to dig deeper and set priorities for addressing disproportionalities in multiple types of data, including discipline data, climate surveys, and academic data.

Presenter: Jennifer Gallegos - School Discipline Consultant

Presentation Topic: Best Practices in Student Discipline

Date/Time: Wednesday February 16, 2022 | 2:30 pm (MST)

Abstract: In this session, you will learn about best practices strategies for student discipline, how to build a positive climate and culture in your building to minimize discipline incidents, how to lead so that you are promoting a positive culture, and how all of the strategies fit together in the big picture of the school.


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Date, Time & Links:

  1. Date/Time: Wednesday, February 16, 2022 | 08:00 AM - 03:45 PM (MST)

  2. Location/Links: This event will be offered virtually. From the comfort of your own office, classroom, or home. Event joining link will be provided to all registered attendees as the event get closer.

  3. Cost: No-cost | Registration is open still! Registration is FREE but Required.

*** Even though there is no cost, you still need to register to receive the link to attend virtually. You may share 2022 Positive School Discipline Symposium Link to interested Campus Safety Professionals, Administrators, Mental Health Professionals, Law Enforcement, K-12 Schools and Districts and anyone who works in a School District/Institutions of Higher Education as the topics are directly relevant to their work. ***

*** CSSRC is committed to the full inclusion of all individuals. As part of this commitment, CSSRC will ensure reasonable accommodations are provided to enable all people to engage fully in our trainings, meetings and events. To request accommodations, please send an email directly to Isaac.Baah@state.co.us at least two weeks before the event. Please make sure also to let the Center know if you need any of the materials in an alternative format. 

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